WomanPower, is a blog that talks about women. The power, strength, struggles, problems and successes of women. 

 I started this blog to reach out to all women. Let their voices be heard, their plights, their worries, their pain, their joy, their sadness, their victories. All of it. And I hope to make this blog a way for them all to express themselves in any way possible. 

I pray that this gives them hope. 

That this gives us all, hope. 


Assaulted Not Dead

Being assaulted. What does it mean to be assaulted? 

 To assault someone means to physically hurt or harm them or hurting them emotionally using words.

Women and children have always been victims of assault because they are seen to be weak. 

After this unfortunate incident occurs, it becomes impossible to live a normal life again. The victim is traumatized and the worst part is that the society’s misconceptions make it all the more difficult. 

The Society always place labels and judge people harshly. Most women refuse to open up and report this case for fear of being rejected and/or isolated. Because it’s a question of their pride, their dignity, their reputation, their honour in the Society. I believe that true honour and strength is gotten when your assaulters are brought to Justice. One has to put up a fight so that these criminals can be put behind bars instead of being allowed to roam freely.

And another thing we have to consider is the rehabilitation of these women. Most of them become strongly affected and they detach themselves from the Society. We have to show them that we care,that we don’t judge them,that it’s not their fault. We have to be there for them, encourage them and support them because in most cases it is always seen as the woman’s fault, whatever happened to her is her fault (which may be true in some cases), but we should still support them nonetheless. They didn’t wish that upon themselves,So why blame them? 

I just urge all victims of assault to speak up and fight for justice to put an end to this eminent evil, I also plead for the co-operation of the police in these matters. All hands must be on deck.


Trust. That word gets me thinking over and over again. When you trust someone, it’s like you’re giving them a part of yourself, letting them see a part of you that you wouldn’t show to anyone. Sometimes it’s not just about earning a person’s trust it’s also about keeping it and maintening it.

 I don’t know why people do the things they do. They hurt, cheat, lie and take advantage of ‘the naive ones’. 

Trust is very essential in every relationship or business. I believe that every relationship must be built on trust. But what happens when the other person is not trustworthy?  That’s a question I’m throwing to you guys. 

Well, I’m done with my little lecture and I would like to apologize for not posting for so long. I’ve been going through writer’s block and I’m dealing with some personal issues. But I assure you that when I’m done I’ll start posting regularly. Thanks for reading. 

Working women Vs House wife

At times I wonder, why people give more credit to working women than house wives. Well I get it. They have a job they go to everyday and earn money. But still house wives also work all day long. So, they also deserve some credit.

Housewives wake up very early every morning to make breakfast, clean the house, bath the kids, organize the shelves and closets, restocking and so much more. They work very hard to make sure that the home is sparkling clean. They Cook lunch and also dinner. It’s not a very easy job. And most of all they do it with love and care for their families. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I support working women. I just don’t think it’s fair to put just them in the lime light. Housewives can also turn a hobby into a career while taking care of the home. 

We should acknowledge and appreciate all women, working or not. 

Marital problems women faceĀ 

   Hey everyone. I introduced this topic because it is a common problem that all married women deal with. 

   Well, I’m not married yet but I have seen what it is like to have a broken marriage. Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman who love each other, to live in peace and harmony, in both good times and bad times. And what happens when this love fades?  They’ll just be two people living under the same roof. 

   There are so many things that ruin marriages. Money, for example is one of them. There’s a family I know (I’m not naming names) with this problem, amongst others. 

   Mr B lost his job suddenly due to fraudulent activities at his work place. The sudden realization that they now had to struggle to survive hit him like a ton of bricks and he instantly became cold to his wife and kids. He had a very nasty temper and found fault in almost everything.  He often drowns his sorrows with alcohol. Typical men behavior. Instead of thinking of the next step to take, he wallows in self pity. Leaving the burden for his wife to bear.

   Mrs B is struggling to feed her family,take care of the kids, take care of the home and deal with her husband’s tantrums. There were times when she wanted to give up, and she almost did. But she thought of her kids. What would their lives become without her? How would they cope? Especially since they’re still so young. And that gave her the strength and motivation to keep her home and endure the abuses of her husband. 

   She struggles daily and she’s currently struggling to find a decent job.

What do you think of such women? Do you think it’s fair on her?  Of course it isn’t, but that’s life for us, when it comes knocking on our did we have to be prepared to face it. 

Another cause is Love. Of course, it’s a major ingredient in a successful marriage. I mean why would they get married in the first place if they don’t love each other.    And still,there are people who get married even though they don’t love each other. There are cases of arranged marriages all over the world. It started from our ancestors and still goes on today. But few people practice that nowadays. Everyone is entitled to get married to whomever he so wishes. 

Without love, a relationship will not be strong let alone marriage.                Love brings peace, understanding,  tolerance, honesty, and commitment. All which Is needed in a good relationship. When married couples don’t love each other like they’re supposed to, it has adverse effects on the couple and the children. Most especially the children are always caught in the middle of the conflict between both spouses and it affects them negatively. The parents are giving a bad example to their kids, depriving them of a happy home, depriving them of their happiness. And if eventually,the spouses get divorced, the family will be divided, some kids might want to stay with the father and not the mother and vice versa. They will grow up without the love of both parents and in some cases misbehave and become immoral due to lack of parental control.

The woman becomes a single parent and has to take care of so many responsibilities. 

   There are so many other ways in which a marriage can be destroyed. The only solution is for us Women to be strong and prevent our homes from falling to ruins. 

Please comment on this topic and bring up more topics to discuss about concerning all women. 

I hope you’ve gained something from this post and I hope to get feedback on this topic. You can also suggest solutions to most marital problems. 

Please share your stories and experiences, be heard don’t hide. Others can also learn from your experiences.